corporate social responsibility

CDDTI ensures that it fosters a diverse and inclusive environment that supports students from all backgrounds and creates awareness campaigns on social issues such as cyberbullying, online safety, and digital ethics. The company encouraging students and faculty to engage in voluntary activities that benefit the community, such as IT tutoring for local students or participating in local cleanup drives.

corporate social responsibility

By actively pursuing these CSR initiatives, CDDTI college is making a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged youths and the broader community, contributing to social upliftment and economicallysustainable development. The company engages in regular community outreach programs to identify local needs and offer IT solutions that can improve the community's overall quality of life. CDDTI collaborates with local businesses and other IT companies to provide internship opportunities and job placement support for students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

scholarship image

CDDTI is working on establishing scholarship programs or financial aid opportunities to support economically disadvantaged youths in accessing quality IT education. .The institution conducts skills development workshops and aining sessions in basic digital literacy and IT-related skills for the broader community, not just the enrolled students.

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CDDTI encourages students and faculty to collaborate on projects that aim to solve community issues using IT solutions. The company runs mentorship programs where college students can mentor and support disadvantaged youths in their educational journey. The college promotes health and wellness among the community through IT-based solutions, such as health apps, online support groups, or telemedicine programs. The company is supports and incubates IT-related social entrepreneurship projects that address specific challenges faced by the economically disadvantaged community. The company also implements environmentally friendly practices within the college's campus and promoting environmental awareness among students and the community