Paperless Initiatives

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CDDTI is making tremendous efforts to reduce paper usage by utilizing digital documents, electronic communication, and e-forms, contributing to lower deforestation and energy consumption.CDDTI strives to use, and dispose of information technology resources in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Its goal is to reduce the environmental impact of technology-related activities while maintaining or improving overall efficiency and performance.

Energy Efficiency

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It is no surprise why CDDTI is housed in a green-certified building that has been certified by the government of South Africa.The company is also looking forward to using renewable energy sources, such as solar to power its IT infrastructure thereby helping to reduce the carbon footprint of technology operations.

Telecommuting and Remote Work

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The institution supports Green IT which encourages remote work and telecommuting, which can reduce the need for employees to commute to offices, leading to lower carbon emissions and energy consumption. The company uses energy-saving hardware, optimizing data center cooling, and promoting power management settings on devices to reduce energy consumption.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

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CDDTI has adopted virtualization technologies and cloud computing to help optimize hardware resources, thereby reducing the need for physical servers, and enable efficient resource allocation, which in turn decreases energy consumption.